To be old is to be physically weaker, a reminder that a person’s true character, not strength or beauty, is what counts.

To be old is to be familiar with death, showing the value of spending time with loved ones.

To be old is to suffer pain both physical and emotional, and so the days of feeling healthy are to be treasured.

To be old is to recognize that others will not change irritating behavior, so accept people as they are.

To be old is also to see that people filled with negative attitudes take the joy out of life, so seek friends with positive points of view.

To be old is to acknowledge that change always occurs, thus look for the good that can come from it.

To be old is to see that life cannot be lived without making mistakes, so forgive others of harm done to you while asking their forgiveness of harm caused by you.

To be old is to learn of the importance of laughter, both for one’s health and to bring happiness.

Jack Jennings, The Clare, Chicago, Illinois.


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