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Jack Jennings

Jack Jennings

Jack Jennings for 27 years was the foremost expert for the U.S. Congress in the field of education; and for 17 years he was the founder/president/CEO for the Center on Education Policy, a highly regarded Washington-based nonpartisan, nonprofit education research organization.

The Evolution of the Center on Education Policy: From An Idea to a Major Influence

Currently, Jack devotes his efforts to writing. Presidents, Congress, and the Public Schools, his book released in 2015, has recently been placed 32nd on the list of “The 100 Best Education Reform Books of All Time” by the BookAuthority. More: An Honor.

Fatigued by School Reform, his 2020 book, was deemed “essential” reading for the general public as well as for university professors “by an authoritative source on the evaluation of scholarly research.” The review appeared in the Choice Magazine of the Association of College and Research Libraries. It concluded: “This is a must read for all aspiring educational reformers and policymakers.” More: Super Review!

  • Brief Biography of Jack Jennings
  • Jack Jennings: Curriculum Vitae
    (This Curriculum Vitae of Jack Jennings is archived and will not be updated after April 2020.)
  • Narrative Biography: The New York State Archives maintains a trove of information on the relationship between the federal and the state governments on their dealings in education. In 2013-14, Jack Jennings was one of the advisors to that project. This is the biography the Archives used for that project. Download here.

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