On June 21, 2021, a letter was received about Fatigued by School Reform. It follows:

Dear Jack,

Sorry to be so late responding to your book. I think it is brilliant! It is clear, comprehensive, astute and a masterpiece of brevity. To cover the time period you did in 126 pages is remarkable.

Your observations are very informative and entirely consistent with those I have had since I first entered the trenches in about 1957. The lenses you used to look at this time period have clarified many things I observed and I now have a better understanding of many things that were hazy.

Your book should be required reading for anyone involved in educational policy to, among other things, avoid being doomed to repeat past mistakes and to engage in more enlightened and productive reforms.

Thanks and best regards,
Chuck Quigley
Founding (Retired) Executive Director
Center for Civic Education