Girlie, a play by Jack Jennings

Whether to run off with her lover or stay in a difficult but comfortable marriage is the question facing the heroine of this two-act play written by Jack Jennings. The script for the stageplay Girlie, Act I, Scene 1, is downloadable, below. Also, "Girlie", an article...

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Los Pensamientos de un Anciano

Ser anciano es ser más débil, un recuerdo que el carácter de una persona, ni fuerza ni belleza, es la cosa más importante. Ser anciano es conocer la muerte, por lo tanto el tiempo pasado con los seres amados es precioso. Ser anciano es sufrir el dolor física y...

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Thoughts on Being Old

To be old is to be physically weaker, a reminder that a person’s true character, not strength or beauty, is what counts. To be old is to be familiar with death, showing the value of spending time with loved ones. To be old is to suffer pain both physical and...

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