The book, Fatigued by School Reform, has received a great review from a very prestigious publication. Choice Magazine, affiliated with the Association of College and Research Libraries, describes itself as “an authoritative source on the evaluation of scholarly resources and the publisher of trusted research.”

The review from Choice follows:

This latest book pertaining to American school reform is one of the most objective volumes on the subject in perhaps the last 30 years. Jennings, an education expert, presents a critical examination of the landmark educational paper known as the Coleman Report, commissioned by Congress in 1966, and its aftermath. The document was meant to be instrumental in determining why US public schools declined during the later portion of the 20th century and what the country’s educational leaders should do to stop that dramatic decline and reverse the trend. If followed, the report’s recommendations would ensure that all students had equal educational opportunities, allowing the US to resume its position as a world educational leader. Identifying four major educational reform movements — school equity, school choice, standards-based education, and school accountability — Jennings illustrates how each innovation failed to address the central outcome of the Coleman Report, which focused on the central role of the family in ensuring that all children were educated to the highest levels of their abilities. Without family economic parity, all the reforms were doomed to fail. This is a must read for all aspiring educational reformers and policy makers. Summing Up: Essential. General readers through faculty; professionals.


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Jack Jennings's new book, Fatigued by School Reform
Jack Jennings’s new book, Fatigued by School Reform