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EdFix Episode 37: Policy Perspectives and Possibilities – A Conversation with Jack Jennings

This link connects to the EdFix site of George Washington University, which contains podcasts on education produced and maintained by GW's Graduate School of Education. The following is a transcript of Edfix Episode 37: Political Perspectives and Possibilities, which...

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Jack Jennings’s new book, Fatigued by School Reform, available now!

  Fatigued by School Reform, by Jack Jennings After a half-a-century of school reform, a majority of Americans consider the public schools as worse today than when they attended school. Those reforms missed the mark because they were not focused on the...

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Trump’s Wrong About the Schools

“(A)n education system flush with cash but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge.” President Trump broadcast this biting condemnation in his inaugural address. A short time later, Trump proposed cutting education spending by 13%....

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